Thelma, Harare, Zimbabwe


26 years old, Scorpio, Straight

Harare, Zimbabwe

I am a lover of beauty, art, and the sensual aesthetic. If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would be passionate. I am exceptionally passionate about everything I do, in particular sensual bodywork. Because of this, a session with me will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Allow me to elaborate. Imagine yourself in a candlelit room. I place my hands on your skin. Slower than you think is possible, I stroke your body, bringing your awareness to every subtle movement of my hands. Time begins to slow down. You become aware of the space between each second as it passes. Breathing deeply, you begin to feel connected to yourself again, then connected to me. Our energies intertwine as I bring you to a euphoric sense of calm and well being. Above all else, my sessions are about awareness and connection, so I move impossibly slowly in order to heighten your awareness moment to moment. You will never feel anything rushed or inattentive in my touch, and you will never feel any less than 100 percent of my focus is on every inch of your body. Although I have a warm, congenial personality and I love to talk, you’ll find me not initiating a lot of conversation once we begin. It is this internal stillness that allows me to truly connect to you. I am listening to your body with my hands, allowing my intuition to guide me where I need to go. On a side note, three is a subtle backdrop of shyness in my personality. If you wish to see it, give me flowers or pay me a compliment. I’m liable to blush, smile sheepishly, and look away.

Ready to travel

I am looking for

Wish to meet:
— Man
Preferred age:
— 18-20
— 21-25
— 26-30
— 31-35
— 36-40
— 41-50
— 51-60

About me

Black / African descent

Preferences in sex

How often I would like to make sex:
Several times a day
Kind of sex I like:
— Classical sex
— Oral sex
— Oral with condom
— Oral without condom
— Deep Throating
— Blowjob
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25 years old,

Harare, Zimbabwe


mikengoni 22,
Harare, Zimbabwe

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Amanda 33,
Harare, Zimbabwe

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Keila 23,
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

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Haleema 26,
Harare, Zimbabwe

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